Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More on Collegiate Sam

I found a basket on my doorstep tonight, and inside was a new version of Collegiate Sam! This one is the version issued on Columbia by (the real) Eddie Walters, who I suspect is the vocalist on my mystery version.

148982-3 Collegiate Sam Eddie Walters Columbia 1969-D
NYC, 6 September 1929: ? Mike Mosiello, trumpet; Andy Sannella. clarinet; ? Ben Selvin, violin; ? Rube Bloom, piano.

Okay...here's where I stick my neck out (drum roll, please!)...I think they're the same singer. Sure, the Columbia is taken a lot slower, but the vocal quirks are very much the same...just a little more frantic on my record.
Here's an "a/b" comparison:

Aaaaaah! What do you think???

Oh, the experts at 78-L tell me the composers on our song are Davis and Coots...not Tom Stacks, who's listed in those highly unreliable song lyrics sites...the same sites that have someone spraying flies with cans of Blitz.

And now for something completely different...another excerpt from the Mirth Quakers radio show of 1930...vocalist is Jerry Macy again. But who's in the band? Adrian Rollini? I'll leave that question to the discographers out there.

XE-33603 (excerpt) - Bananas (from Mirth Quakers, Show C, part 3).
Jerry Macy, vocal; Studio orchestra.

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