Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Addenda! And who is Emily Brown, anyway?

The last record I posted, Collegiate Sam, features an unknown vocalist that I said reminded me somewhat of Eddie Walters. Here's Walters, sitting in with the Charleston Chasers...a pickup band featuring (for this session, anyway) Phil Napoleon Tommy Dorsey, and Benny Goodman.

150537-3 Here Comes Emily Brown Charleston Chasers Columbia 2219-D
NYC, 28 May 1930: Phil Napoleon, trumpet; Tommy Dorsey, trombone; Benny Goodman, clarinet; Arthur Schutt, piano; Ward Lay, bass; Stan King, drums; Eddie Walters, vocal.

I've compared the vocalists on both records...they could be the same, but the differences in miking the singers throw me off a bit.

So...Emily Brown got around a bit...she's the topic of the next record too!

B-17768-1 Miss Brown To You Teddy Wilson Orch Brunswick 7501

NYC, 2 July 1935: Roy Eldridge, trumpet; Benny Goodman, clarinet; Ben Webster, tenor sax; Teddy Wilson, piano; John Trueheart, guitar; John Kirby, bass; Cozy Cole, drums; Billie Holiday, vocal.

Hmmmmm...two songs about Emily Brown...recorded five years apart. Both feature clarinet by Benny Goodman. Just a weird coincidence, I suppose. (I'm tempted to insert a photo of Clara Blandick here...but I won't.)


According to the lyrics of a song that keeps popping up at this site, you should never swat a fly. However, shooin' them is apparently permissable.

59925-2 Shooin' Flies Blue Steele Orch Victor 23014
Memphis 15 May 1930, small band (exact personnel uncertain) featuring Kay Austin, vocal.

A terrific side...sadly the only recorded vocal by Ms. Austin.

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