Thursday, September 06, 2007

Addenda! (Flies a-Muggin'!)

I just obtained a fair print of the 1930 comedy/musical/sci-fi picture, Just Imagine. Sure enough, around halfway through the movie, Frank Albertson and Marjorie White burst into a rousing version of Never Swat A Fly...and here it is (splices and all):

My friend Daniel from the She Sings Jazz And More blog kindly sent me the Andy Kirk version of I'se a-Muggin' that I was's a good jazz version, and it's missing that whole Musical Numbers Game that drove me buggy when I did the original Muggin' post.

I also found an English version of Muggin' as well, by Nat Gonella's New Georgians. This one is quite different...Nat ignores the verse completely, sings a quick chorus, then launches into the Musical Numbers Game without even explaining how to do it (One can assume that this version was recorded well after the American versions hit the UK, so the Brits knew how to play already). After another quick chorus, Nat goes into a weird almost tacit version of the Game, starting at One...and Woofing and Uh-ing only when appropriate. So you get two games for the price of one!

Oh...I have a few interesting posts in the on records connected somehow with Hitchcock movies, and one on (more or less) forgotten line dances. Stay tuned!


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