Friday, September 14, 2007

Another fiftieth!

Another friend turns fifty this weekend...I asked her what music she'd like me to post. She wanted good 1930s material by Ray Noble (with Al Bowlly, of course) and Benny Goodman.

Here are a few very noble Nobles, all by the famous New Mayfair Orchestra with Al Bowlly vocals:

Standing On The Corner (7 February 1933)

Lying in the Hay (12 January 1933)

Wanderer (12 January 1933)

Brighter Than The Sun (8 December 1932)

And the Goodman material is taken from a couple of broadcasts from the Madhattan Room in the last couple of months of 1937, just before they appeared at Carnegie Hall. The instrumentals pretty much speak (er, roar) for themselves.

Here's one that BG never put on record:

Martha Tilton's warbling on Pop-Corn Man is cute...this is the only recording of BG doing this pop song, not counting the ill-fated Victor 78 of the title:

...for some reason (one that still remains unclear 70 years later), the record of this song was yanked by Victor before it was officially issued, although a box or two (25 copies each) apparently did sneak out.

For a little surprise, and an interesting contrast, I sign off with two versions of Oh Baby. The first is by the All Star Orchestra, a Nat Shilkret studio band, this time containing Jimmy McPartland, Glenn Miller, and a teenaged Goodman.

Oh Baby! All Star Orchestra

The other, from the 1946 BG band, features solos by Mel Powell, Lou McGarrity, and Goodman, who also, er, "sings." The arrangement, spread over two sides of a 12" 78, is interesting, pitting his sextet against the whole band for some nice call-and-response action. Enjoy.

Oh Baby! Benny Goodman Orch

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