Saturday, March 22, 2014

I'm still around!

Hello, all!
Yes...I am alive!
I've had a number of financial issues which escalated my somewhat depressed state, causing me to withdraw from just about everything important to me...including the Sanctum. I wasn't in any physical danger (I'm not the suicidal type), but my state of mind wasn't too good, either.
Well... I'm beginning to recover. I've relocated to a cheaper (and larger) apartment in another state. Once I get back on financial terra firma (the move cost me a bundle!), I will repost anything I can, and post a whole lot of new stuff that I want you to check out. But it will be a while.
I must thank all my friends in the area who helped me cope for their support, muscle power (records are heavy!), and vehicles.
I also have a fluffy brother's long-coat Akita, Kodi-Bear...any time things get bleak, he's only six miles away.
Hope to be posting again some time in the near future.