Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hey...the quiz is still alive!

I know, I has been a while.

Summers are busy times. That's why I thought I'd put out a little quiz for y'all to think about for a spell. mdcelio got 3 correct hits in late June. But I hadn't seen any guesses/answers/feedback on the quiz since then. Until tonight.

My ol' pal metalmuncher added the following:

04 - Nice coloured vinyl 45 on the Deccagone label.

Well...he's right...that was probably the first (semi-legitimate) issue of this record. I know he knows what it is...His description will be in the list until someone gives me the title and artist...oh, the spelling of the word "coloured" is another little clue.

He also got the following right:

05 - Henry Thomas - Bull Doze Blues

Yup, that's the original version of the song that eventually became Canned Heat's classic Goin' Up The Country (oddly enough, I just got the picture sleeve to that a few weeks ago).

He got the title and the year right here:

#24 The Music Goes Round and Round - 1936 --- but no artist was listed.

So, this is where things stand as of now...

#4 "Nice coloured vinyl 45 on the Deccagone label." (metalmuncher 8/28)...but what is it?
#5 Bull Doze Blues - Henry Thomas (metalmuncher 8/28)
#6 Calliope Pete - Morey Amsterdam (mdcelio - 6/17)
#8 Crucifixion - Arizona Dranes (D. Burns - 9/15)
#11 Song of the Sewer - Art Carney (mdcelio - 6/17)
#12 One Of These Days--Pow! - Jackie Gleason (
mdcelio - 6/18)
#13 The Fat Man's Prayer - Victor Buono (metalmuncher - 8/30)

#17 In The Mood - Artie Shaw Orch (gimme!)
#23 Stack O'Dollars Blues - Charlie Jordan (D. Burns - 9/14)
#24 The Music Goes Round and Round - 1936 - ??????(no artist listed)
(metalmuncher 8/28)

I know a lot of you can add to this...some of these sides are fairly easy to least to the record collectors out there. But as we know, summers can be crazy. I know I won't post any new music until at least Labor Day.

But some Sunday after then we're due for another Grits/Zorch hour...when things settle down a bit...the answers to the quiz will be announced then.

Also, here's hoping Mrs. Grits gets super-well, super-soon. We all love ye.

By the way, I want to thank Bruce, David Federman , John & walter, J.F.B. and Ernie for their kind comments about the problems that befell this blog recently. (By the way, our little saboteur seems to have slithered off, like a putz in the night...)

And I also got a nice comment from Carrie Laby, saying that she has a picture of her grandfather Neil Laby, who seems to be the guitarist on the Arty Hall sides I posted a long while back. Well, if Carrie'll send in the pic, I'd be delighted to post it, and put the music up again for a while. These are enjoyable sides.

So...'til we get another quiz answer or two...

Oh, here's that quiz again...the third time is a charm. Or something. .

30 August update...Munch went through a backlog of old Dr. Demento tapes to refresh his memory and finally came up with the skinny on track #13. Hmm...maybe "skinny" wasn't quite the right word...but his entry has been added to the above list, in red. And, yes, that was King Tut on the old Batman show...Victor Buono.

15 September young friend and fellow record collector D. Burns correctly guessed track's Stack O'Dollars Blues by Charlie Jordan. I've added it to the list above, in blue.

16 September update...D. Burns also recognized track #8 as Crucifixion by gospel pianist Arizona Dranes. The list above has been updated again.