Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Fiftieth...some novelties

An old friend (over 30 years) of mine celebrates his half-century mark today...I thought I'd post a few novelties that he (and you) should enjoy:

This cut, by Robert Maxwell, his harp and orchestra, was originally entitled Solfeggio on the original 78 rpm issue. Ernie Kovacs apparently liked the record well enough to use it...regularly! A few years later, M-G-M reissued it, under the title of Song of the Nairobi Trio:
(link killed 23 February 2009 - Downloaded 18 times) People in the Boston area (of our generation, anyway) will recognize the music as being played behind the "mailbox" section of the old Major Mudd show on WNAC-TV. (link killed 23 February 2009 - Downloaded 32 times)

While I'm on a Kovacs kick, here's the Leroy Holmes Tug Boat Eight doing Hey Taxi! The voice is Kovacs himself...
(link killed 23 February 2009 - Downloaded 18 times)
Let's flip the Holmes record over for another Kovacs-related number, Oriental Blues.
(link killed 23 February 2009 - Downloaded 14 times)
And. finally, a weird item...a 7-inch one-sided 33 rpm single, with a special Pillsbury label (and a blurb saying "A Life Presentation 1961." Apparently there was a tie-in with Life Magazine...more to come on the connection as the info becomes available). It's called Hey There, Pillsbury! and it's by none other than the Old Philosopher himself, Eddie Lawrence.

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Is that enough, Bunky?

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