Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another movie post~!

I posted a few songs from the movies the other night...okay, so Forbidden Planet wasn't actually used in the movie, but it was "inspired" by it.

Here's another movie-related song, by the original Kaleidoscope (David Lindlay and friends) from around 1970...inspired by Richard Widmark's character in Kiss of Death (1947), Tommy Udo. Gotta love a psychotic gunsel who ties a stool pigeon's mom into her wheelchair, then throws her down the stairs! And his laugh...it has to be the inspiration for Frank Gorshin's laugh as The Riddler.

Enjoy it, or I'll have Tommy shoot you in the belly! ("You know what I do to squealers? I let 'em have it in the belly, so they can roll around for a long time thinkin' it over")

This is for the squirts and big men I know who'd appreciate this.......


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ZorchMan said...

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