Monday, June 25, 2007

Some 45s....

I was playing some 45s the other day and some were just so least the pic sleeves were (and still are, in my not-so-humble opinion. Just ignore the ancient creases)...

Forbidden Planet David Rose Orch M-G-M K12343

Link killed 2 June 2009, downloaded 33 times
A great one-sided record...the flip, The Swan, is pleasant, but undistinguished. This record was sampled for a Lucia Pamela record...and served for several years as the theme song to WMUR-TV's yuletide Santa Claus show, featuring a thinly-disguised Uncle Gus Bernier.

In the immortal words of Scotty, the next one..."it's green!"
A great sleeve...and one of the coolest sides ever on a 45...imagine this coming out of a Seeburg wall unit at your soda fountain...
There are no credits on this record...just a plug for the movie and the composer credits (Ervin Drake and Paul Durand).

Intrigue (Unidentified) Orchestra M-G-M K12281

Link killed 2 June 2009, downloaded 55 times
There's a June Christy vocal version of this song out there...I like how the spooky bits from the Concerto are incorporated in this arrangement...

Intrigue June Christy Downloaded

Link killed 2 June 2009, downloaded 31 times

The flip, Foreign Intrigue Concerto (by Charlie Norman...the composer gets credit, but the orchestra and pianist don't) the finale, with spooky French horns restating the theme against an even spookier string chord, used to creep me out as a young child (five or six years old).

Foreign Intrigue Concerto (Unidentified) Orch M-G-M K12343
Link killed 2 June 2009, downloaded 33 times

MGM K13107

Debbie Burton sings a tearjerker...

I've Written A Letter To Daddy Debbie Burton M-G-M K13107

Link killed 2 June 2009, downloaded 52 times

And Bette Davis joins her (in character!!!) .

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? Debbie Burton and Bette Davis M-G-M K13107

Link killed 2 June 2009, downloaded 57 times

And yes, this catchy ditty does show up in the an instrumental played on a transistor radio in the final scene at the beach.

Whew...that'll do it. I've got to go for popcorn.


Oona said...

Thank you for a fantastic site. Can you help me find a picture of Uncle Gus as Santa? It would be impossible to describe how much hope and & love he inspired in one little girl in Worcester.

The pic's and music on your blog are amazing!
NYC June 2008

Oona said...

How about that song 'Ronnie Call Me When You Get a Chance'? As a 10 year old it touch my heart as it played on my transistor radio on WORC in the early 60's.

Sometime when I think of the New England beauty I'm tempted to move back to a life of innocence and lilacs.

Shane in NYC

ZorchMan said...

Hi Oona!

Glad you like the blog. I wish I had more time to devote to it. I do have a couple of posts that are in the works though. I have several more "pairs" to compare and contrast...

Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of Uncle Gus (as Santa or otherwise) at all. I do recall watching his show in the 1960s, though.

Remember the little white notice that showed up at the bottom of anything that wasn't live?


I have very hazy memories of visiting Gus as a very young (3 or 4 years old) dad was the WMUR-TV Atlantic Weatherman around that time.

I'd love to see a kinescope of a broadcast, but I don't think one exists. WMUR ignored my request a few years ago.

I don't currently have the Shelley Fabares "Ronnie" record, but I can hunt for a copy to post. It's not too rare.

Anonymous said...


Just an update. Found a pic of Uncle Gus as Santa. You can see it under photo's on Facebook - Uncle Gus. I posted it there :-)