Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lee Wiley and Friends - 10 April 1940

Thanks to Ronster for getting me this early birthday present!

Here's the complete session (including breakdowns) of 10 April 1940, featuring one of my favorite singers, Lee Wiley...she's joined by an all-star lineup including The Bunster...four songs were recorded. They're all gems (especially Find Me A Primitive Man). They were originally issued as half of her Songs of Cole Porter album, on the Liberty Music Shop label.

The LP issue is the limited-edition Blu-Disc T-1013.

This one's dedicated to the Providence League of Wiley Fans...especially to The Beard (get better soon, y'hear?).

1-3 Let's Fly Away
4-9 Let's Do It
10-11 Hot House Rose
12-20 Find Me A Primitive Man
(actually #19 is studio chatter only)
NYC, 10 April 1940: Lee Wiley, vocal with Bunny Berigan's Music: Bunny Berigan, trumpet; Joe Bushkin, piano; Sid Weiss, bass; George Wettling, drums.




Buster said...

Welcome back and thanks for this from another Wiley fan!

KIng NoNo said...

hey Z - looking for the music to the 1956 film "Foreign Intrigue" and can't find it anywhere - can you point a fellow in the right direction? - thanks

DrRay3 said...

could you repost at a place from which one can download?