Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 October '10!'s the tenth of October 2010!!! Or 10/10/10!!

Here's a little pop-oriented Ellington item with three Tens in the title...

64812-1 Nine Little Miles From Ten-Ten-Tennessee Duke Ellington Cotton Club Orchestra Victor 22586
NYC, 21 November 1930: Freddy Jenkins, Arthur Whetsel, Cootie Williams, trumpets; Joe Nanton, Juan Tizol, trombones; Barney Bigard, Johnny Hodges, Harry Carney, saxes; Duke Ellington, piano; Fred Guy, banjo; Wellman Braud, bass; Sonny Greer, drums; Smith Ballew, vocal.

Let's get a "unRaveled" with two unusual adaptations of a familiar classic:

81369-1 Bolero Jacques Fray & Mario Braggiotti Victor 24563
NYC, 7 February 1934: Jacques Fray & Mario Braggiotti, piano duet.

63369-1 Bolero Nat Shilkret / Victor Orchestra Victor 22571
NYC, 3 October 1930: Nat Shilkret, large studio orchestra.

Why those Boleros?

Hardy, har, har....

Now for something completely different...a rather late entry in Columbia's 15000-D Old-Time Tunes (country) catalogue:

151987-1 I'm Tying The Leaves Hinkey Myers Columbia 15725-D
Atlanta, 30 October 1931: Hinkey Myers, vocal; Sarah Dye, piano
Oh well, so the song's a bit maudlin, and she sounds like Annette Hanshaw with hiccups.

But the flip side is something extraordinary...a nice semi-jazz offering:

W151993-1 Memphis Peggy Parker Columbia 15725-D
Atlanta, 30 October 1931: Peggy Parker, vocal; with Perry Bechtel's Orchestra: Perry Bechtel, guitar; Jean Egart, trumpet; others unknown.

Sadly, both of these sides represent the only issued performances of these singers...I suppose we could be grateful that Hinkey Myers's I'll See You Again remained in the can, but someone should try to locate Peggy Parker's You're Not The Same.

And that's "thirty" for now...or is that "three tens?"


Ravel said...

You always look like you have lots of fun with your posts! Thanks for the tunes you share!

ZorchMan said...

My pleasure!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great Shilkret record. He is one of my favorites. I would love to hear the other side, the song "La Seduccion."

Frank M. Young said...

Thank you SO MUCH for "Memphis!" I last heard this in 1997, and it has haunted me since. This record is extremely hard to find, so cherish your copy!

cvllos said...

Ellington is delicious!
Thanks for your wonderful choice and work on diggiting.
Cheers from Rio.