Monday, September 27, 2010

My new toy!!

This weekend, I got an inexpensive (ten simoleons!) used scanner (didja see the two new scans on the last post?)...and Blogger has a peachy new interface I need to get used to. And I have three somewhat mysterious/exotic songs to post too...

Here are a couple of unusual sides by Hindustani Chotey Khan on Sarangi ( I can't read the title to these songs...Murari gave me transliterations of the titles:
OE 1443 Piloo Barva Mr. Chotey Khan Indian Megaphone J.N.G. 11
OE 1444 Tilak Kamod Mr. Chotey Khan Indian Megaphone J.N.G. 11
Mr. Chotey Khan, sarangi; Sj. Anath Bose, tabla.

This weird British test pressing I found many years ago...

...apparently the engineers didn't know the title (note the smudged question mark).

Maybe it was the discrepancy between the matrix number in the wax and the one on the label that flummoxed him.
DR11471-1 ? (Bert)Ambrose Orch UK Decca test pressing

It's a strange piece of music, reminding me of  what might result if someone like Reginald Foresythe wrote for the Sauter-Finegan Orchestra.

...and there you go!  Three items that will have to remain nameless for the time being. Hope you dug them.

Well, now there's only one nameless item...

Bandman wrote in that he thought the mystery Ambrose cut might be Dance of the Potted Puppet from 1947, with clarinet passages by Carl Barriteau. A quick phone call to my good friend Rich Trahan (who has a copy) confirmed that it is.

Here's a review of the record from the 29 November 1947 Billboard:

And thanks again to Murari, Bandman, and Rich for the help!


murari said...

The instrument that Chotey Khan plays is the Sarangi (see here It is a bowed string instrument and played standing up, similar to a cello. YouTube will have clips. The tracks are Hindustani Classical Music (North Indian) compositions and the titles are the names of the Raags (compositions) - Piloo Barva (OE1443) and Tilak Kamod (OE1444). Thanks for all the old-time calypso. I am a sucker for it.

ZorchMan said...

Thanks! Your transliteration has been added...with more thanks.

Glad you like the calypso, too!

Bandman said...

I am fairly certain that the Ambrose tune is "Dance of The Potted Puppet" featuring the clarinet of Carl Barriteau. (On the A side of the record was "Swing Low Sweet Clarinet" featuring Reginald Kell.)
Both have been reissued on a Vocalion CD in the UK.

ZorchMan said...

And it is indeed "Dance of the Potted Puppet" Thanks!

Sem Sinatra said...

Mr. Chotey Khan - SUPERB!!! Thank you.

ZorchMan said...

Glad you enjoyed it!