Saturday, April 04, 2009

Three updates!

1. A couple of weeks ago, Christopher DeJohn offered an intact Columbia jukebox pack of Columbia Seven singles, complete with title strips and packaging (for a 1962 Mahalia Jackson LP) on eBay. I wrote to him, inviting him to look at my blog, especially my recent post on Columbia Sevens. I asked if I could use a few images of this important find. Shortly thereafter, I got a few very nice pictures indeed. These are the most interesting ones, I think!

This is the front of the package:

And its contents, in situ:

One of the two enclosed cover slicks and the title strips:

...and all five records in sleeves (without the "record store" blurb at the bottom):

...and the label for the title track. Notice the font is quite different from the ones I published previously...and the matrix number switches from 9:00 to 3:00 position. These variations could be chalked up to different pressing plants.

Again, I thank Chris for sharing these pictures with the Zorch people...

2. It looks like I tickled Bill Reed's fancy sumptin' fierce when I posted that li'l Blossom Dearie record. He asked if he could use it in his blog. Of course I said he could...and he did.
He also gave me a nice plug at his it is: . Thanks again, Bill!!

3. Something to think about...another Friend Of Zorch, Mr. Grits (blogmeister of, has asked me to participate in his first official shortwave broadcast this Sunday, 5 April from 6:30--7:30 PM EDT. We'll be spinning records (well, virtual ones, anyway...I don't want to drag some 78s around with me) and chatting. If you don't have a shortwave receiver, don't over to and click on "Listen live." As long as you have Winamp or MusicMatch (or something similar), you should be able to listen. Actually, you could visit Grits early (and keep it in your favorites...he plays some dynamite stuff)...we'll probably start an hour or two earlier on a web-only basis. It's just from 6:30--7:30 we'll actually be on the ether too. We'll be taking phone calls too...tune in and enjoy!
Oh, Kenneth, the frequency is
5.110 MHz.

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