Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grits/Zorch Show #1

As I mentioned the last time, I was a guest on Grits Radio a week or so ago. We played a batch of my favorite sides. I was a bit nervous, but it was a blast. It was a completely new experience...for me, anyway. We'll do it again sometime soon...maybe the next time I can remember to shut my mic off when I'm not using it! And I'll try to remember to announce the tracks better.

Oh...that handsome kitty above is Elvis, who rules the Grits Homestead. I took this picture that night (and wrote the word balloon too). I didn't do anything to his eyes...they just glow blue when hit by bright light.

The other day, Mr. Grits posted the entire broadcast in his blog (http://gritsradio.blogspot.com/2009/04/gritszorch-show-no-1.html) in one large file...you can hear it all in one swell foop there.

...I wanted my mom (who has neither shortwave nor internet access) to hear the broadcast. I took the raw file, cut anything before the Route 66 Theme (and the spots at the end), and broke the long file into bite-sized chunks, each with individual titles, so she'd have an idea what I played that night.

I decided to share the split version of the broadcast with you too. Here is the show...warts and all:
1. Route 66 Theme Nelson Riddle Orch.
2. Baby, I Love You So Joe Weaver and the Don Juans
3. Down On Me Eddie Head and Family
4. Chatter #1 Grits & Zorch
5. Foghorn Boogie Dick Stabile Orch.
6. Spot #1 Area 51
7. Suby-Baja Ramon Marquez Orch.
8. Oua Oua Kanui & Lua
9. Chatter #2 Grits & Zorch
10. Ain't A Cow In Texas Margaret Whitmire
11. Spot #2 Area 51
12. Blue Yodel No. 9 Jimmie Rodgers & Louis Armstrong
13. I Love You Truly Earl Bostic Orch
14. Chatter #3 Grits & Zorch
15. Ghost Dance Truett & George
16. Spot #3 Area 51
17. Jockomo Sugarboy Crawford
18. Chatter #4 Grits & Zorch
19. Louisiana Hayride Boswell Sisters
20. Spot #4 Area 51
21. Zilch The Monkees
22. Hometown Blues Roane County Ramblers
23. Chatter #5 Grits & Zorch
24. There's A Man That Comes To Our House
Sweet Violet Boys
25. Man Of Constant Sorrow Emry Arthur
26. Chatter #6 Grits & Zorch
27. Spot #5 Area 51
28. Cave Man Jim Backus
29. My Arabian Baby Hank Snow
30. Spot #6 Area 51
31. John Hardy Buell Kazee
32. We Shall All Be Reunited (closing) Alfred Karnes

Thanks to the Area 51 regulars who commented (through a chat line) from time to time...

Also, thanks to Bruce The B (aka Metal-Muncher) for sending an encouraging email to us during the broadcast with a half-joking request for The Monkees' Zilch. I'm glad Grits had the cut so we could sneak it in.

I'll try to remember to bring a couple of yellow-label Atlantic 45s (or their digital equivalent) next time around. Bruce digs them. I did play Jockomo (which was originally on Checker), which has a good Lee Allen tenor solo...Allen's on at least a couple of sessions that Atlantic issued in the yellow-label days.

I got the following 45 from Bruce a couple of days ago...which I'll dedicate to the Area 51 folk and anyone who remembers Top 40 Radio from Ye Olde Days.

45-LB-966 Chaos - Part I Arbogast & Ross Liberty 55107
45-LB-967 Chaos - Part II Arbogast & Ross Liberty 55107

I just found out that Bob Arbogast recently passed away. More can be read here: http://illfolks.blogspot.com/2009/03/bob-arbogast-dies-50-years-after-chaos.html (and you can see the rare picture sleeve there too!)


A few weeks ago, I transferred a couple of ten-inch LPs of the famous WNEW Saturday Night Swing Sessions of 1947. One of the cuts therein has an interesting title...one that reminds me of the Area 51 folk.

High On An Open Mike WNEW Saturday Night Swing Session 10" Esoteric ESJ-3 http://www.box.net/shared/7xn0zmbho5

WNEW broadcast, NYC, April 12, 1947: Fats Navarro, trumpet; Bill Harris, trombone; Charlie Ventura, Allen Eager, tenor saxes; Ralph Burns, piano; Al Valente, guitar; Chubby Jackson,. bass; Buddy Rich, drums.

...'til next time...

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metal-muncher said...

Thanx for the mention... and always glad to be part of the fun... knocked my socks off when you played the Monkees "Zilch" (a tongue in cheek request I made)... 'Bruce the B', aka 'the B', aka 'the Bruce', aka etc...