Thursday, November 29, 2007

Inca Dinca Doo?

I spotted an interesting side in Lee Hartsfeld's Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else blog ( ) the other day, the 1934 Decca of Louis Katzman's Orchestra playing Valderamma's Inca Step. It's a fine early example of exotica, recorded over fifteen years before Yma Sumac's Voice of the Xtabay album...and it's one of those pieces that quickly creates an "ear-worm." You'll carry it with you forever (at least it's not some awful disco record of the 1970s, right?).'s another version of the same piece! It's a completely different arrangement, however. It's from that stash of 1929-31 Brunswick Radio discs I had the privilege of transferring recently. Although the orchestra isn't credited, it's probably Katzman again (his name showed up on another disc or two in the same stash). The announcer is Norman Brokenshire.

XE-35709 Forget-Me-Not, show Y, part 3 (excerpt) Inca Step Brunswick Radio Orchestra (probably Louis Katzman) (early December 1930) radio show, unissued

Oh...the picture was shot at a friend's house a year or so ago. Nice Edison phonograph in the background, isn't it? I was actually doing a few steps to a bizarre 1910s ethnic Columbia 78...I may get around to posting that one too. I still have to get around to posting those silly line-dance records I mentioned here a couple of months ago.

Thanks to the generosity of Lee Hartsfeld, here's the Decca version!

38362 Inca Step Louis Katzman's Orchestra
Decca 462
NYC 21 August 1934: Louis Katzman Orch.
Lee says there's an Inca Tango (by Katzman's Castillians Orchestra) as well...I'll try to get it and post it. It's another Valderamma piece...


Lee Hartsfeld said...

Thanks for the circa-1930 "Inca Step." Great fidelity--it puts my version to shame.


ZorchMan said...

My pleasure...glad you enjoyed! There are other treasures from that Brunswick Radio stash elsewhere in my blog...enjoy them as well!