Monday, November 05, 2007

For my friends at the Havana Cafe

Finally, North Addleberry has something different, restaurant-wise...Havana Cafe. It's run by a couple of very nice folks...this posting is for them.

This version of Mama Inez is fairly straightforward...from the late 1920s, by the Sexteto Habañero...this is the version that's on a CD I burned for them the other day.
Mama Inez Sexteto Habañero (Victor 81272)

I just got a flash from Steven Abrams, who supplied me with the recording date (28 May 1928) and the original Victor release number. Thanks, Steve!

And here's the really strange version of the same copy is titled Oh, Mama! It starts out as a straight rumba, but the soloists start to clown a bit...there's some bizarre laughter...and it ends up with some fairly hot jazz.
Oh, Mama! Havana Novelty Orch Victor 22597
NYC, 19 December 1930: Nat Shilkret, conductor; featuring (among others) Mike Mosiello, Bob Effros, trumpet; Andy Sannella, alto sax, clarinet & steel guitar. Who did the crazy laughter? I've heard it's Bob Effros.
Apparently this record was also released with the (correct) title Mama Inez as well...that seems to be the more common issue.

Here are a couple of other sides, also recorded in Cuba, and issued in the American Victor International Series just after WWII. Unfortunately, I have no info on these sides, but they're good.

Flash! I just found this website: and it supplied me with the recording dates, anyway. (5 March 2008)

Muero Por Ti Septeto Habañero Victor 23-0831
3 March 1948: It looks like the Sexteto added a seventh member...

Dos Gardenias (vocal by Alberto Ruiz) Conjunto Kubavana Victor 23-0821
12 February 1948: vocal by Alberto Ruiz...gee...sounds like Jalousie to me.

Hmmmm....I just realized that I don't have any pictures this time around. I think I can remedy that sitchy-ashun....

Here's another pic from our recent NYC excursion...I brought a few 45s to play before the party that night (notice the Jazztime USA EP set in my lap). The Gorshin record is rather weird...and it has a terrific picture sleeve. It's a rare one, too.

That'll do it for now. Time for some flan.

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Barbara Effros said...

Thanks for noting my Grandpa Bob Effros with Mike Moisello on trumpets. The crazy laughter is also Bob Effros. Awesome blog!