Friday, September 25, 2009

Ludovic Lamothe: Fleurs d'Haiti

This was originally past of the last post. After a bit of thought (not that much) I figured that this music was important enough to merit its own posting.

Quite a few years ago I found this five-record album...
It's Fleurs d'Haiti, an album of music composed and played by Haitian pianist Ludovic Lamothe (1882-1953). It seems to have been recorded in the late 1930s sometime. Unfortunately I can't find a lot of information about this set. If it's mentioned at all, it's as a footnote, sometimes with a "(78 rpm?)" postscript.

This seems to be the best page available about Lamothe:

Here are the liner notes...I hope you parlez francais.

Here's one of the labels as well. The usual patent information around the circumference of the label is in Spanish, although this appears to be an American pressing. Perhaps it was pressed for export.

And here's the complete list of the sides:

83065-A 1. Feuillet D'Album
---------B 2. Sous La Tonnelle
83066-A 3. Loco
---------B 4. Sobo
83067-A 5. Valse Romantique
---------B 6. Habanera
83068 A 7. Valse De Concert En La Bemol Majeur
---------B 8. Libellules
83069 A 9. Gavotte Dans Le Style Ancien
---------B 10. Tango
And you can download the album here:
This album was a bit under-recorded on a piano that sounds like it could have been tuned a bit better. But the music is quite sounds like Chopin with a touch of voodoo thrown in.
Oh...did I mention that I'll be selling it? I'm digitizing and liquidating some of the records I seldom listen to. This is one of them. I'll post the eBay link once it's up.
Thanks for the plug, Bill...hope you and your readers enjoy this rare treat!


BruceTheB said...

I was just lucky viewer #11111

do I get a prize for that?

(tongue in cheek)... The B

David E. said...

Oh My Goodness! Thank you soooo much for this post. I'm doing a project on Haitian composers for my class on Kreyol. This was a diamond find for me, and thank God I speak French. Thanks!

ZorchMan said...

My pleasure!!!

I'm glad there's someone out there who really appreciated this post.

Someday I'll dig out the Justin Elie 78 I has a pair of very pleasant orchestral pieces, recorded some time around 1923 or so.

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faceface said...

Do you mind reuploading?
Thank you!!

Yves Lamothe said...

Dear Zorch, Ludovic was my great grandfather :) Please to post the music again ?! Merci <3