Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another radio show...and a contest!

Next Sunday, 21 June, Grits and I shall do another show...this time over the usual Grits Radio station ( and just click "listen live.") and Area 51 shortwave radio (5.110 MHz)...we have the 6:30-7:30 PM EDT time slot. We'll tear Fathers' Day apart this should be interesting.

Update...Grits worked overtime throwing together a wild Fathers' Day show...we'll let that run for the above shortwave broadcast. After we sign off, we'll stay on at Grits's station for a Zorchariffic hour or so. Yes, I'll have a few daddy ditties of my own to share, too, but there'll be a few other things as well.

Hear you then.


Forgive the slight raunchiness of the label...I did it for my own amusement several years ago. The picture of Nipper at the top was borrowed from the Kauf Man of Arvada...

It's amazing (to me, anyway) that that old counter crept up another 500 notches over the last couple of weeks. I'm tickled plaid to see here's something more to amuse y'all:

It's a little contest for you...consisting of 25 selections. There's a little jazz, a little blues, a little country, and lots of who-knows-what. There's even one spoken-word item.

There are also two separate pairs of cuts somewhere in the playlist...each item of a pair will be connected somehow to the other in its pairing. To make it a bit easier, the items in each pair are next to each other.

Here's the quiz (in a convenient .zip file):

You can leave your guesses in the Comment box below (yeah, you have to join Blogger to do so, but that procedure is easy and harmless. And they don't spam you, either!). As correct answers roll in, I'll post them (along with the first correct guessers' names). You'll have until midnight Saturday, 18 July 2009 (over a month from now!) to submit your guesses.

If all goes well, Grits and I should be back on the air the following day (Sunday, 19 July) and I will play the cuts in order, this time properly identified. And the first correct guesser of each cut will be mentioned on the air as well (so make your nicknames polite, eh?).

There won't be any prizes...unless you'd want one of Uncle Eugene's special aged peanut-butter sandwiches. My Komodo Dragon waddled off and was in the news recently:

Oh...the solution will be posted here sometime shortly after the contest ends, just in case you miss the broadcast (and you should listen, y'know...).

This should be fun for all of us...good luck.

I just happened to notice that for some reason, Track 17 isn't really a mystery...I failed to remove the identifying tags from it. Oh, well! Consider it a "gimme."

And here are the correct they roll in (along with the guesser and date)

#6 Calliope Pete - Morey Amsterdam (mdcelio - 6/16)
#11 Song of the Sewer - Art Carney (mdcelio - 6/17)
#12 One Of These Days--Pow! - Jackie Gleason (mdcelio - 6/18)
#17 In The Mood - Artie Shaw Orch (gimme!)

And mdcelio recognized one of the two pairs...#11 and #12 are sides by two stars of The Honeymooners, both in character!

There's still another pair of related cuts in here somewhere...


mdcelio said...

#6 = "Calliope Pete" by Morey Amsterdam

ZorchMan said...


You're the first reader to respond, too. Thanks!

mdcelio said...

also #11 = "Song of the Sewer" by Art Carney (which is related to #12)

ZorchMan said...


And you've found one of the hidden pairs...but to make it official, the performer of #12 should be fully identified too.

Don't worry about getting the title exact...I'm more concerned about the artists's identity.

You've got 2.5 credits and a gold star for recognizing the first pair. Just give me the name of the performer of #12 for the full's obvious that you know who it is.

If somebody else sneaks in and identifies him before you do, you'll share the ID credit.

Again...thanks for the response...

I'm waiting for the 78 freaks out there to ID some of the jazz and blues pieces I've thrown in.

mdcelio said...

ok ok "One of These Days ... Pow!" by Jackie Gleason

ZorchMan said...


Full credit you have now (dang...Yoda-ling records I should not listen to!)!

For playing, Zorch thanks you.