Friday, March 27, 2009

Another mystery side!

I'm working on a little something for April's a tidbit that should whet your appetite until then.

It's a mystery side...the only thing I'll say is that this record has a connection somehow to the Attleboro Area (but there might be another little clue somewhere else).

What's the connection? Who's on the record? Title?

Comment away!

The winner gets one of those aged peanut butter sandwiches I mentioned a while back...

...and 'til the First of April, as Neddie Seagoon often said... "Needle Nardle Noo!"


RonL said...

I think the trombone player is Ray Coniff.

Ron L

ZorchMan said...

And right you are...he also was co-composer of this side ("Needlenose" is the title...the extra clue was in the nonsense at the end of the post).

Whose band was he with here?