Monday, August 27, 2007

Hei and Aloha!

Here's a recently-found curiosity...a pleasant-sounding Hawaiian side, found in Columbia's Finnish series. According to , a rather comprehensive page dealing with Finnish-American recordings, it dates from 1928. I wonder if the composer, Leo S. Roberts, is the same person who wrote Ching Chong in the 1910s.

109995-1 Hawaijan Yƶ, Valssi Stein-Ostman Orketeri Columbia 3099-F
NYC, 22 or 23 November 1928: Unknown personnel.

I found it particularly interesting that there were little accents played on a vibraphone...fairly early use for that instrument.

The flip side is also rather pleasant, written by Arthur A. Penn (composer of Smilin' Through). To me it sounds like a cross between one of Leroy Shields's melodies for the Hal Roach comedies and maybe a Puccini aria, but translated into Finnish. The vocalist is uncredited.

109997-1 Stein-Ostman Orketeri Ja Laulaja: Aamuinen Koi!
Columbia 3099-F
Same as before.

According to the same website, they also recorded these at the same session:

109994-2 Merenneito-sottiisi
109996-2 Honolulun kuutamo, valssi (Fred Lawrence) there's another Finnish-Hawaiian hybid 78 out there.

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